In-Vehicle Network - InMach ISY BroadR-Reach-Gateway



Assistance systems and automation in construction machinery and commercial vehicles are becoming increasingly important. This also poses new challenges for vehicle networking (In-Vehicle Network). Previously, CAN was used as a classic IVN in this situation. In recent years, however,
we have seen the emergence of the use of Ethernet-based BroadR-Reach (100BASE-T1), which promises significantly higher data rates.

In order to meet these challenges, InMach Intelligente Maschinen GmbH offers two new products for vehicle networking.

InMach ISY BroadR-Reach-Gateway

The InMach ISY BroadR-Reach Gateway allows the connection of up to four BroadR-Reach devices. In addition, there are two Gigabit Ethernet Ports to which an Embedded PC (ADAS) as well as other switches can be connected (daisy-chaining).

As a result, a large number of devices can be connected to a central computer unit by means of one or more InMach ISY BroadR-Reach Gateways.


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InMach ISY BroadR-Reach-Gateway

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