Security Through an Edge of Information

Technological edge in special vehicle construction

When fractions of a second are crucial...

Magirus-Drehleiter mit Abstandsmessungs-System von InMach
Fire service turntable ladder

Information flow

- especially its speed - plays a crucial role in the rescue system.

Information flow and networking in the vehicle

In the fire-fighting vehicles themselves, InMach offers

  • control units for the integration of actuators (hydraulic and/or electric) and sensors,
  • displays and operating panels,
  • CAN and FIRECAN (DIN 14700) software in control units, equipment components and display and control elements,
  • location and operating data acquisition, worldwide M2M data transmission via GSM and LTE
  • driver assistance systems with sensory environment detection based on multimodal sensors (thermal imaging, 2D/3D laser, radar, ultrasound, vision)
  • intelligent controls, such as vibration damping and attitude control of rescue ladder and cage,

as well as system integration of the same.


In particular, the uniform operation of equipment components (e.g. portable pump, winch, generator, light tower, identification signal unit) from different manufacturers, which results from the FIRECAN networking, also provides for increased safety in hectic operations.



Information Flow to and from Emergency Services

In order to guarantee the highest level of safety by way of a major information advantage, InMach is currently designing and developing systems that

  • monitor the fire fighter's life functions and vital parameters
  • monitor duty periods and available oxygen levels
  • evaluate gas detectors
  • offer guidance by providing knowledge of surroundings and thermal imaging support
  • use augmented-reality technologies as orientation and decision-making aids
  • provide redundant networking of emergency services up to and including the vehicle and the head of operations
  • thanks to state-of-the-art video-screening technologies, also provide a realistic picture of the conditions in the operations management’s place of deployment

Information Flow from the Command Center to the Vehicles and Emergency Services

The units called out are provided with up-to-date information that is already being processed electronically on the way to the deployment site. This means that the valuable time during the journey can be used for the team to familiarize itself intensively with the property in question and the infrastructure conditions.


  • Conditions at the place of deployment, such as: Access roads, water supply, hazardous goods, whether an additional service provider is needed (electrician for photovoltaic systems)
  • Alerted emergency vehicles and units and their current position on the way to deployment, or expected time and order of arrival
InMach Telematik System für Feuerwehren

Example: Turntable Ladder

Technology for crucial seconds. It is important in this regard that the system actively supports the rescuers and facilitates fast and safe movement of the rescue cage.

The rescue cage is equipped with ultrasound sensors to avoid collisions, meaning that the cage can be raised quickly and safely at a defined distance from the walls of buildings.

The fire service benefits from:  

  • Safe control of the cage through the active support of the ground staff
  • Gentle transport of injured persons
  • Increase in speed and precision

I am happy to answer your questions:

Julian Häußler - Fachbereichsleiter Feuerwehrtechnik InMach

Julian Häußler

Head of Fire-fighting Technology Division

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