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Sensory environment detection on snowcats, even in fog and poor visibility. The display for the driver is provided clearly from a bird's eye view. 



Pisten Bully mit InMach safety control
Kässbohrer Pisten Bully

System technology and customer benefit

  • Environment detection and visual imaging even in the most adverse weather conditions
  • Multi-sensor technology (infrared, laser) and electronic image overlay. People and objects are reliably distinguished by the InMach software
  • Makes navigation easier
  • Driver can take measures before a dangerous situation can even happen.

    Catering Vehicles

    InMach develops the system for docking catering vehicles to large aircraft with automated collision prevention and door monitoring based on ultrasound.

    Airbus A380 Kollisionsvermeidung
    Die Scheren-Hubfahrzeuge der Firma Doll erreichen unter den...
    ... Catering-Hubfahrzeugen Höhen bis zu 8 Meter.

    Commercial Vehicle Air-Conditioning Technology

    Cab control - overpressure control for vehicle cabs in special vehicles for use in contaminated or dusty areas of application for the protection of operating personnel.

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    Zum Safety Control von PistenBully

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