Adlatus CR700 Cleaning Robot





Cleaning robots enable the fully automatic cleaning of large areas, especially in supermarkets, railway stations, airports, large warehouses, etc. The Adlatus CR700 cleaning robot, whose entire control system was developed by InMach, always knows where it is in the room thanks to its high-performance sensors and can therefore also be used in complex environments. Collision avoidance is realized using 2D and 3D sensors.

Some of the Features Include

  •  Varied and versatile human/machine user interface via touch display on the device and mobile devices (computer, cell phone, tablet) 
  • Intuitive programming of the device by the end user without any expert knowledge needed
  • Servicing of the robot via the Internet (if the robot gets stuck in a corner, it can be put back on the right track via the Internet.)
  • Service station that the robot can move to autonomously

    The technology development of sensor systems and control engineering for service robots and their ergonomic user interaction interfaces with the focus on automated cleaning of large areas come from InMach Intelligente Maschinen GmbH and have been realized thanks to the support of the German Ministry of Economics and Technology and the ZIM funding project.

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