The Robot that Deals Exclusively with Dung

Prinzing PriBot manure removal robot

Clean slatted floors improve shed hygiene and ensure clean and healthy animals! This greatly reduces hoof diseases, in particular.

The particular features of the PriBot manure removal robot equipped with the InMach control system include:

  • its compact, low design
  • efficient navigation
  • consistent automatic operation
  • its high maneuverability even in narrow animal shed walkways
  • cleaning close to the edge

The manure removal system comprises a robot, a user-friendly remote control and a charging station. The route as well as the start times of the PriBot are freely programmable and can, for example, be taught to the robot ergonomically via the so-called teach-in.

Its low profile allows it to avoid obstacles and even move under gangway barriers without any difficulty. This has proven to be very animal-friendly. The PriBot moves to the charging station automatically when its battery is low, thus enabling continuous automatic operation.

Further research and development work by the companies is under way, ensuring sustained competitiveness in a global market.

"App"ttractive plant cultivators

Background: Challenges for the agricultural sector

Agriculture is faced with constantly increasing cost pressures, particularly in high-wage countries. In addition, the requirements concerning environmental protection and sustainability are on the increase. Innovative agricultural technology and appropriate automation can make a contribution towards overcoming the challenges and increasing competitiveness. So far, autonomous systems have often not been economical or are poorly conceived.

The solution: Sensor-based robot systems

There is a need for individual object processing in a large number of labor-intensive manipulation tasks in the agricultural environment. Examples include selective harvesting as well as precise and resource-saving spraying, fertilizing and weed control. The automation of such “hand-eye manipulation tasks” using intelligent, multi-sensor service robots opens up the attractive possibility to introduce cost-effective, high-quality as well as more environmentally friendly production and cultivation concepts (e.g. in organic farming). The research approach is based on a flexible »app« concept: Depending on the application, the equipment is fitted with interchangeable application-specific sensors and actuators. This makes the platform versatile throughout the year and leads to high machine utilization and, therefore, economic efficiency. For example, the platform can be used in the spring as well as in the fall for harvesting (special crops/vegetables) and, in addition, in the summer months for pest and weed control in plant cultivation. The partners are developing innovative technologies for this that meet the demands of a harsh environment.


If you would like to know more about this project, you can continue reading in them AgriApps-Profile.


Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), finding code: 01IM12002A-D, duration: 1 March 2013 - 29 February 2016

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